Emulsified Body Scrub (8oz)

Emulsified Body Scrub (8oz)


Meet our newest body scrub formula! Butters & sugars-YUM!

Organic cold pressed sweet almond oil, organic raw unrefined Shea butter, organic raw unrefined deodorized cocoa butter, organic white beeswax,non GMO plant based emulsifying wax (cetostearyl alcohol and Polysorbate 60), white granulated sugar, 0.1% germall (antimicrobial preservative), theraputic grade esential oils or fragrance.

8 oz Jar

❦We added the preservative as a safety measure for our customers, as anything in contact with water (like in the shower) these products could potentially grow harmful bacteria. We've carefully selected one that we feel works best for some our products, and will alert you when this is in the ingredients.